Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair

Known as The World’s Best Massage Chair™, the DreamWave™ delivers a full-body massage experience. With more than 1,200 inches of body coverage, over 101 active air cells and auto-optimized shiatsu back massage, the DreamWave accurately targets nearly any area of your body to relieve specific stiffness and pain points. Pre-programmed sessions, patented rocking figure-eight motion and fully adjustable reclining and leg elevation for a transcendent massage experience.

$ 7,999.00 - $ 8999.00
  • Shiatsu Point Locator
    Infrared sensors in the DreamWave detect user’s individual shiatsu points. This creates a more individual, comfortable and effective massage.

    Neck and Shoulder Air Massage
    The DreamWave gives special attention to the neck and shoulders. The neck is gently lifted from both sides, allowing the DreamWave to stretch and knead the muscles. Built-in adjustable pads apply shiatsu pressure to the top of the shoulders, while the back of the shoulders receive firm pressure from air cells.

    Full Arm Massage
    Twenty air cells provide an effective, yet gentle, full arm massage, including the upper arms, forearms and fingertips.

    Side Press
    This unique DreamWave feature relieves fatigue and muscle soreness in the thighs and buttocks by massaging the pelvis from both sides of the buttocks.

    Adjusts to Body Size
Inada’s believes if you can sit, you can fit. The DreamWave adjusts to heights from 5′ to 6’5″.

    Calf and Foot Shiatsu
    The DreamWave’s fully adjustable, automated foot bed relaxes feet using air cells that provide shiatsu pressure. Effectively massages the soles, insteps and heels as well as the backs and sides of both calves.

    Massage Coverage
    The DreamWave has more massage coverage than any other massage chair in the world – 1,200 square inches. Powered by 13 motors and featuring over 101 active air massage cells, the reach of the DreamWave’s rollers extends from the base of the skull to the upper glutes.

    3-D Massage
    Fully adjustable for personal preferences, the DreamWave tailors massage intensities through its 3-D roller mechanism. Rollers extend for a deeper massage or retract for a gentle touch. Rollers also mimic the fine movements of a massage professional and rotate like human wrists.

    Own a Sogno DreamWave massage chair for just $177 a month with 0% Financing
    and White Glove delivery!

  • Massage Chair Model Name: Inada Sogno DreamWave
    Model #: HCP-10001A
    Colors – Synthetic Leather: Black (Black Trim), Crème (Tan Trim), Red (Black Trim), Dark Brown (Black Trim). Top-Grain Leather: TruBlack (Black Trim)
    Dimensions – Upright: 36.5″ x 54.7″ x 47.6″ (Width decreases to 29″ when arms are removed.)
    Dimensions – Fully Reclined: 38.2″ x 82.7″ x 29.9″
    User Height Range: Approximately 5′ to 6’5″
    User Weight Limit: No specific published limit. If you can fit, you can sit.
    Maximum Recline Angle: 170-degrees
    Roller Description: Inada 3-D, 4-Roller articulating wrist design
    Back Stroke Length: 28.4″
    Air Cells – Total: 100
    Air Cell Construction: Hi-Flex, Hi-Resilience PVC/Nylon Bellows
    Motors – Total: 13
    Preset Massage Sessions: 8 (Full Body, Full Body Air, Youth, Quick, Morning, Night, Stretch, DreamWave)
    Manual Massage Types: 18
    Manual Massage Features: Over 1,000 possible massage combinations. Here is a partial list of what is available in the manual mode: Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, Human Hands, Double Kneading, Foot Air, Arm Air, Seat Air, Back Vibration, and more. Most manual control buttons offer multiple options.
    Head and Neck Massage: Massages trapezius, occipital lobe, and delivers gentle neck traction. Air actuated.
    Arm Massage: Massages shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, and fingers! Air actuated.
    Seat Massage: DreamWave Technology, Air cells, and Vibration
    Calf Massage: Air cells provide alternating compression, release, and kneading actions.
    Foot Massage: Massages the soles of the feet, heels, and toes. Footrest Extension = 9.5″
    Upholstery: Synthetic leather or top-grain leather in TruBlack. NOTE: Genuine Top-Grain Leather is currently available in TruBlack.
    Child & Pet Safety Features: Child safety lock and key, recline obstruction sensor, breakaway power cord.
    Electrical: 120V AC / 50-60Hz / 170 Watts
    Product Weight: 265 lbs. (Net) / 323 lbs. (Gross in Box)
    Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty covering parts and labor. See the warranty page for details.
    Manual: Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair Manual.
    Setup Video: See how to setup your new Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 3-YEAR LIMITED REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY WITH ON-SITE SERVICE. If you have a warranty or product technical question, first contact Massage Chair Support at 720-616-5003.


  • Transcendental Relaxation: The Inada Sogno DreamWave

    Inada’s Sogno DreamWave massage chair is unequaled in its therapeutic benefits and relaxation techniques. The patented DreamWave™ technology provides undulating, totally transporting, side-to-side motion. With over 1,200 square inches of body coverage and an auto-adaptive design, the Sogno is a transcendent shiatsu experience like no other. This video provides a brief overview of some of the chairs features and the soothing effect it has on the person cradled within it.

    This is the greatest chair ever! It’s the best stress relief ever, not to mention better than a human massage! Once you try it everything else is the Stone Age.
    Angelus B. – Atlanta, GA 

    Inada tailors the massage to each individual and perfectly targets his or her Shiatsu points. Inada massage chairs definitely make my customers feel rested, less stressed, ready to go!
    Ryan M., Store Manager– The Healthy Back Store in VA 

    The Inada DreamWave has been an invaluable addition to my practice. We wanted to add a passive massage device to our practice to complement our chiropractic services and I could not have made a better choice. Our patients love the DreamWave!
    Dr. Todd Mexico – Baldwinville, MA

    For years, I had been troubled by chronic back pain. After using my DreamWave massage chair for several months, my back pain is virtually gone and life has taken on a much cheerier aspect.
    Burton L. – Sherborn, MA

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