The Inada Story

Our Story

Founded in 1962 in Osaka, Japan by Nichimu Inada, Family Inada is the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic shiatsu massage chairs. Mr. Inada actually invented the first automatic shiatsu massage chair, and Family Inada has maintained a relentless focus on innovation and product development for over 50 years. The company perfects its technology at an R&D facility at its Osaka headquarters, while the main factory is in Nawa, a small town in the Tottori prefecture of Japan. The factory is an exemplary model of Japanese quality and reliability, as well as being a testament to the highest standards of craftsmanship and precise engineering.

Our massage chairs are widely recognized for innovative design and exceptional product quality. We have set the often-imitated standard for massage chairs around the globe.

50 Years of Innovation

We're well known for our innovation, which dates back to 1962. Here are some highlights in the development of our massage chairs:

  • 1962 First Automatic Massage Chair
  • 1973 First Choice of Firm or Soft Touch Kneading
  • 1979 First Spinal Roller
  • 1988 First Roller Massage with Accupressure Focus
  • 1996 First Quad Roller Massage with Body Alignment
  • 1998 First Air Cell Massage
  • 2000 First Infrared Body Scan
  • 2001 Release of the i.1 and the H.9 massage chairs
  • 2003 First Full-Body, Auto-Adaptive Massage
  • 2006 First Joystick-Controlled Massage
  • 2008 First Fully Comprehensive Massage Chair (Sogno DreamWave)
  • 2009 First Posture-Correction Chair


The H.9 massage chair, introduced in 2001, uses infrared sensors to profile a user’s body to determine the location of acupressure points. It was named a 2001 Invention of the Year by TIME Magazine and became a bestseller in Japan. The New York Times stated at the time, “The Inada massage chair … makes the La-Z-Boy seem lazy indeed.”

Inada Models

Inada Models


In 2008 Inada released the DreamWave, designed by the renowned Toshiyuki Kita. The DreamWave™ was a 2009 American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD) Pinnacle Award Finalist. Moreover, in four of the past 10 years—2004, 2005, 2009, and again in 2010— Inada’s massage chairs earned the coveted CES® Design and Engineering Showcase Award at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

In 2010, Inada received two additional CES Innovations Honors for the Inada CUBE in the Home Appliance Category and the Doctor’s Choice massage chair in the Health and Wellness Category.


Inada has the most innovative, extensive range of features of any massage chair on the market and has set the often-imitated standard. Inada continues to lead all other manufacturers in awards and recognition. At the same time, the innovation never stops. Inada’s legendary quality control and product performance has provided thousands of people relief from pain and stress, as well as years of relaxation that no other chair can provide.