DreamWave Massage Chair Models

The World’s Best Massage Chair

DreamWave massage chairs are the brand of choice among discerning consumers. With the most innovative, extensive range of features of any massage chair on the market, DreamWave is widely recognized for offering unsurpassed satisfaction, singular massage quality and the best endurance and reliability available anywhere in the industry. DreamWave has set the often-imitated standard for massage chairs.

DreamWave is known as The World’s Best Massage Chair®, and for good reason. The chairs combine shiatsu master massage movements with state-of-the-art Japanese engineering and have been recognized around the world for innovative design and exceptional product quality.

The medical benefits of massage therapy are well documented. Massage reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the bloodstream. There’s also a simultaneous drop in blood pressure and heart rate, and these physiological responses to massage contribute to one’s sense of peace. It’s a meditative state where time and daily concerns temporarily don’t exist.

DreamWave proudly offers the world’s best-built, most effective massage chairs, designed by world-renowned Toshiyuki Kita. DreamWave’s product line includes:


The DreamWave® chair combines shiatsu master massage movements with Japanese engineering to deliver a full-body massage over 1,200 square inches. This is more coverage than any massage chair out there. It actually mimics the back mobilization movements used by physical therapists and chiropractors. The patented DreamWave feature gently rocks your hips with a gentle figure-eight motion. The chair also features fully adjustable reclining and leg elevation.


The Nest pushes the boundary of massage chair capability, changing notions of what a massage chair can do. Feel the unexpected come to life. Experience unforgettable, holistic massage as Nest blurs the line between human hands and a perfectly tuned machine. Sixty-four air cells and six motors execute precisely choreographed massage movements in novel, comfortable, and highly therapeutic ways. Settle into your Nest, in the comfort and convenience of your home or office, escape, and make this day (and every day) the most relaxed, healthiest day of your life.


The Flex 3s® is our newest massage chair, engineered in consultation with renowned Japanese sports stretching instructor Tadashi Kaneko. It is the only massage chair in the world that provides effective stretching movements along with traditional forms of massage. Four preprogrammed massage settings create a custom experience. The Flex 3s features full body air massage, a shoulder focus program, a heat option to warm fingers and toes, and a hybrid massage function combining roller massage with air massage. A mechanical arm 3-D mechanism controls kneading intensity through an adjustable air bag.

A DreamWave massage chair is truly something that must be experienced to be believed. To experience the DreamWave, Nest or Flex 3s for yourself, visit an authorized DreamWave dealer or locate the dealer nearest you.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we stand behind every DreamWave massage chair with the best warranty available and a nationwide team of dedicated service professionals. Our Massage Chair Specialists are available at 720-616-5003, Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM mountain time. Or contact us by email at .