Flex 3s Massage Chair

By combining deep massage and stretching movements, the Flex 3s® creates a massage chair experience that is both therapeutic and incredibly relaxing. Designed in consultation with renowned Japanese sports stretching instructor Tadashi Kaneko, the Flex 3s helps to restore the natural S-curve of your spine as a foundation for improved posture and mobility—both of which are crucial to energetic, confident daily living in a busy, stressful world.

MSRP $5,299

$ 4,299.00
  • Shiatsu Point Locator
    Patented body scanning technology customizes each massage session to your individual back profile.

    Full Body Massage
    Just the right amount of pressure from head-to-toe for an ultra-relaxing shiatsu massage with the combined air cells and rollers.

    Posture-enhancing Shoulder Stabilizers
    Adjustable shoulder stabilizers to improve back mobility and flexibility.

    Hot Rock Style Heat
    Light heat on your hands and soles of your feet for ultimate relaxation.

  • Model # HCP-373A
    Model Name Flex 3s
    Chair Dimensions Fully Upright: 32.7”W x 52.4”L x 41.7”H
    Fully Reclined: 32.7”W x 76.8”L x 29.5”H
    User Height Range 5’0” to 6’2”
    User Max. Weight 240 lbs.
    Max Recline Angle 165°
    Power 120V/150W/60Hz
    Auto-Customization Proprietary scan & match to 106 profiles
    Roller Description 3-D, 4-roller seesaw system
    Stroke Length 27.2”
    Pre-Programmed Massage Choices 6
    Focused Massage Sessions 5
    Manual Massage Types 5
    Manual Massage Combinations Over 500 possible massage combinations of manual settings
    Seat Massage Air cells
    Heat Hands and Soles of Feet
    Calf Massage Air cells
    Foot (soles, heels, toes) Massage Air cells
    Arm Massage Air cells
    Air Cell Total 50
    Air Cell Construction Hi-Flex, Hi-Resilience PVC/Nylon
    Motors (Total) 6
    Upholstery Synthetic leather or top-grain leather in TruBlack
    Child Safety Features Breakaway power cord
    Weight (Net) 165 lbs.
    Weight (Boxed) 212 lbs.
    Available Colors Black and Dark Brown
    Choreographed By Tadashi Kaneko
    Designed By Satoshi Ouchi
    Ryosuke Hayashi
    Yudai Kaneko
    Manual Flex3s Massage Chair Manual
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 3-YEAR LIMITED REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY WITH ON-SITE SERVICE. If you have a warranty or product technical question, first contact Massage Chair Support at 720-616-5003.


  • Stretching and Mobility are Just the Beginning

    The Flex 3s is the world's only massage chair that combines stretching movements with traditional forms of massage, complemented by soothing air-cell compressions of arms, legs and feet. But stretching and mobility are just the beginning: The Flex 3s helps to revive the natural S-curve of your spine as a foundation for improved posture while stimulating abdominal muscles for a stronger core, inducing deep breathing through the chair's unique back and shoulder movements.