DreamWave Chair Cover

To protect your beautiful DreamWave® massage chair from pets and other messes, be sure to use the full coverage, spill-resistant chair cover when your massage chair is not in use. The thick twill fabric chair cover consists of 65% cotton and...

Starting at $ 199.00


DreamWave Massage Chair

All of Inada’s industry leadership and innovation has been leading to this. Introducing the new DreamWave® by Inada, culminating years of research, testing, and uncompromising attention to detail and design. The DreamWave massage chair has been designed to...

Starting at $ 8999.00


Flex 3s Massage Chair

By combining deep massage and stretching movements, the Flex 3s® creates a massage chair experience that is both therapeutic and incredibly relaxing. Designed in consultation with renowned Japanese sports stretching instructor Tadashi Kaneko, the Flex 3s helps...

Starting at $ 4299.00


Massage Chair Surge Protector

Protect your Inada chair from unanticipated electrical surges with this technologically advanced surge protector. This cord is equipped with 8 total outlets, six of which rotate 180 degrees for easy cord management. With a standard 3-year, $25,000...

Starting at $ 99.95


Nest Massage Chair

Nest pushes the boundary of massage chair capability, changing notions of what a massage chair can do. Feel the unexpected come to life. Experience unforgettable, holistic massage as Nest blurs the line between human hands and a...


Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair

Known as The World’s Best Massage Chair™, the DreamWave™ delivers a full-body massage experience. With more than 1,200 inches of body coverage, over 101 active air cells and auto-optimized shiatsu back massage, the DreamWave accurately targets nearly...

Starting at $ 7999.00


YuMe Massage Chair

The YuMe™ massage chair uses Rotary Rocker Technology to create a gentle rocking motion while the proprietary body scan personalizes the massage session based on specific shiatsu points. Neck stretch pillow closely mimics the movements and sensations...

Starting at $ 3999.00